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A Technicality

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  1. Meztile says:
    a person who acts as though he or she knows everything and who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others. a person who spends possessions or money extravagantly or wastefully; spendthrift. a well-intentioned but naive and often ineffectual social or political reformer. TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT.
  2. Dabar says:
    Being a Goan resident is merely a technicality; while being a Goemkaar is a feeling! It is an abstract and intangible flavor that cannot be purchased or acquired. One has to be born with it.
  3. Daikora says:
    a decision based only on a specific rule or rules and not on any other consideration: The case was dismissed on a technicality and will be retried at a later date. (Definition of technicality from the .
  4. Faet says:
    Is the 'technicality' legal? The short answer? Yes. "From a customer relations perspective, offering a refund would be the appropriate response," said Jeff Ment, a travel attorney based in.
  5. JoJozragore says:
    Technicality is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Have a question for Technicality?
  6. Shakami says:
    Examples of technicality in a Sentence These cases were dropped because of legal technicalities. Recent Examples on the Web Some Arizona bars bolstered existing food menus, while others stocked up on chips, pretzels and peanuts to sell in order to take advantage of the technicality.
  7. Kigul says:
    technicality. Word family (noun) technicalities technicality technician technique (adjective) technical (adverb) technically. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Examples from the Corpus technicality • The vote was declared invalid because of a technicality. • But the case was dropped on a technicality. • When the psycho is caught, then let go on a technicality, Mom takes matters into her .
  8. Togrel says:
    A technicality is a trivial or very small detail. You might consider your scuffed, unpolished shoes to be an unimportant technicality when you're dressing for a job interview.

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