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Time Ark - John M. Bennett And Rotcod Zzaj - Binary Reductions (Cassette)

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  2. JoJotaur says:
    Reviews - John M. Bennett And Rotcod Zzaj - Binary Reductions 9, Sitemap. Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley - Elvis Presleys Greatest Hits, Mary, Mary - DJ MK & Harry Love - Beats Per Minute, Mannikin - I Refuse It! - Cronache Del Videotopo - IRI , Around And Around - Sundial* - Libertine, Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out.
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  6. Molkree says:
    Screamin’ Popeyes – MAGNAVIDO: First heard the POPEYES on a collab with poet extraordinaire John M. Bennett, reviewed in the last issue of I.N. MAGNAVIDO finds them in a more instrumental vein, & with titles like “Bombarded by Bozos”, “”Find Me, Meet Me, Kill Me, Eat Me”, & “Only Apparently Real”, you can guess that this is.
  7. Kazrara says:
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