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  1. Voktilar says:
    Apr 23,  · Directed by Gary C. Warren. With Story Cunningham, Maria Pasquarelli, Gary C. Warren, Jason Whisman/10(15).
  2. Kagarg says:
    Nov 17,  · The phonophobia is defined as fear, anger or anxiety to hear certain sounds that while not strong, trigger very negative emotions in those who suffer from this condition.
  3. Yozshura says:
    Photophobia, phonophobia, and osmophobia are frequently associated with migraine attacks. Only few studies in patients with migraine and TTH have examined the sensitivity to sensory stimuli and the potential of these stimuli in precipitating headache.
  4. Yozshutaur says:
    We'll be hosting a stream for Mistaken For Strangers, Felix Holt, and Eagle Jesus on Saturday, June 6. We'll be streaming A/V to our thogreahofeedlasimictiringronehni.coinfo channel, as well as streaming high quality audio that you can access with any browser or the ListenTo app on your smartphone!. We'll be collecting and matching donations (up to $) for The Bail Project during the stream~.
  5. Yogal says:
    Dec 23,  · How to say phonophobia in English? Pronunciation of phonophobia with 1 audio pronunciation, 3 synonyms, 1 meaning and more for phonophobia.1/5.
  6. Mezizahn says:
    Phonophobia is the fear of loud noises and sounds, which can cause anxiety attacks or be a result of severe migraine headaches. A phonophobic person placed in the above situation may suffer from an anxiety attack or nausea and be forced to flee from the situation immediately.
  7. Zolozilkree says:
    Phonophobia is a fear of loud sounds, especially sudden and unexpected ones.. For example, listening to a CD that starts with a minute of silence and then suddenly goes into loud rock music would be extremely startling for most people, assuming they had no prior knowledge of the content of the CD.
  8. Yozshusho says:
    Phonophobia is an anxiety disorder, not a hearing disorder. Phonophobia is a fear of loud sounds. Phonophobia is also called ligyrophobia. The name “Phonophobia” .
  9. Shagrel says:
    1. Morbid fear of one's own voice, or of any sound. See also: decreased sound tolerance, misophonia, hyperacusis. 2.

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