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  1. Zull says:
    "l(a" is a poem by E. E. thogreahofeedlasimictiringronehni.coinfo is the first poem in his collection 95 Poems. "l(a" is arranged vertically in groups of one to five letters. l(a. le af fa. ll. s) one l. iness. When the text is laid out horizontally, it either reads as l(a leaf falls)oneliness —in other words, a leaf falls inserted between the first two letters of loneliness- or l(a le af fa ll s) one l iness, with.
  2. Samurr says:
    (obsolete) The state of being one or single.
  3. Daicage says:
    Apr 23,  · Dr. Cacioppo’s research found that being alone and loneliness are different but related. Social isolation is the objective physical separation from other people (living alone), while loneliness is the subjective distressed feeling of being alone or separated.
  4. Samutaur says:
    3 Why do I feel lonely even when I’m not alone? Loneliness is a feeling of sadness or distress about being by ourselves, or feeling disconnected from the.
  5. Togis says:
    Loneliness is not an accident or a choice. It’s an uninvited and uncreated companion. It slips in beside you when you are not aware that a choice you are making will have consequences.
  6. Balabar says:
    oneness: See: agreement, concordance, conformity, entity, facsimile, identity, individuality, peace, personality, union, unity.
  7. Tokus says:
    About loneliness. We all feel lonely from time to time. Feelings of loneliness are personal, so everyone's experience of loneliness will be different.
  8. Kazigis says:
    Wherefore it is manifest that such an idea of God as we have declared, including unity, oneliness, and singularity in it, is a thing which the ancient Atheists, under the times of paganism, were not unacquainted with, but principally directed their force against. , Edward Arthur Litton, Introduction to .
  9. Dogami says:
    Mental health counselor Ashley Turner told the UnLonely Project that "l oneliness is one of the biggest drives toward overeating. We naturally turn to food to nurture and nourish ourselves. It is the most obvious way to fill ourselves up. However, when we are lonely, what we are actually craving is a little personal interaction, intimacy, love.

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